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GUTz –Essay 004 (IV) - Relationship between the natural vacuum magnetic constant (muP) and the fine structure constant (ALFA). 


Two clarify the importance of the new constant muP we are going to see that the fine structure constant is a "part" of muP value.

If we compute the natural values for mu from real universal constants (Plank constant (h), Elementary charge (e) and Light speed (c) we get Plank mu (muP).

So we have (using the International System of Unities and the
International recommended values for h, e and c):

muP = h / (e^2 c) = 8,610 225 807 * 10^-5 H/m

Now we have the value of muP.

----The relationship between muP and ALFA.

Now, for the relation between muP and ALFA with the usual value of 1/137,035999834… (number that experimental Physic can measure),

we have:

muP = 8,610 225 807 * 10^-5 = ((2 PI)/ALFA) * 10^-7) H/m !!!
(note that mu0 = 4 PI * 10^-7 H/m)

That means that ALFA is a “part” of muP constant and because that, can not be isolated…

“ALFA as the personal and individual signature of muP and PI”

Let see two examples…

First- When actually we have ALFA = (mu0 e^2 c)/(2 h)

we also can see like this:
1 = (mu0/(2 ALFA)) * (e^2 c)/h
equivalente to:
1 = (muP e^2 c)/h or h = muP e^2 c

Second- When today we have RP = von Klitzing constant = (mu0 c)/(2 ALFA)

We also can see like this:
RP = ((mu0/(2 ALFA)) * c or RP = muP c
(RP = h e^-2 = (muP/epsilonP)^1/2

Note. The experimental Physic can measure the RP constant.

We can now ask…

Is the experimental Physic measuring mu dimension in vacuum (without the rational factor 2PI and without the scale factor 10^-7), when measure the usual ALFA?

So, in this new perspective, ALFA is a “part” of the natural vacuum magnetic constant (muP) that in actual Physical theories appear (the muP) fragmented in two or more dimensionless numbers.

additional notes:
epsilonP = e^2 / (h c) = 1,292 242 697 * 10^-13 F/m
RP – Plank resistance

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