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GUTz - Essay 000' - BASIC CONCEPTS (II)a - Impact of rationalization and arbitrary vacuum values for mu and epsilon 

"We all know, that the actual physic theories have some big problems,
some times..., the problems begging in foundations."

---First section.

If we compute the natural values for mu and epsilon from real
universal constants (Plank constant (h), Elementary charge (e) and
Light speed (c) we get Plank mu (muP) and Plank epsilon (epsilonP).

So we have (using the International System of Unities and the
international recommended values for h, e and c):

muP = h / (e^2 c) = 8,610 225 807 * 10^-5 H/m
epsilonP = (e^2) / (h c) = 1,292 242 697 * 10^-13 F/m

Now we have the value of two new real universal constants muP and

But, with different value in vacuum for mu Dimension we have a
dramatic change in actual physic theories.

----Second Section.

Now, one simple example about the impact of stipulation a value (like
mu0)without "Nature support"...:

We can, for example, analyze the real nature of Fine structure
constant (ALFA) ("the famous and mysterious 1/137,…"):

The Fine Structure Constant as a usually value 1/137,... and every body
want to know where that “popular” number comes from.

We have that mu0/(2 muP) = epsilonP/(2 epsilon0) = ALFA = 1/(137,035
999 834) !!!

…and computing the new ALFA (ALFAP) we have:

ALFAP = (muP e^2 c)/(2 h) = (e^2)/(2 epsilonP h c) = 0,5 !!!

Anybody seems to ask, about the why of the actual value for mu in
vacuum - mu0, and not any other value.

The next question is, if is not the usually value mu0, what the new
value for mu Dimension in vacuum?

To this last question we all have a natural answer, the muP = h/(e^2
c) (H/m) (only depending of true universal constants e, h and c).

GUTz say that the number 1/137,.. as that value because the humans
decided to stipulate arbitrary the value in vacuum for mu
(Permeability Dimension), mu0 equal 4PI * 10^-7 (H/m).

So the strange number 1/137,... is the result of the artificial value
for mu in vacuum, mu0, because if we use the natural value muP for mu
in vacuum we get ALFA = 0,5.

------Third section

Example about the impact of stipulation a natural values like
muP and epsilonP that have "Nature support"...:

Computing RP – Resistance Plank constant, we have:

RP = (muP/epsilonP)^1/2 = 25812.80759 (ohm)

but also we have:

2 ALFA RP = muo c
2 ALFAP RP = muP c (but ALFAP = 0.5), so RP = muP c
RP epsilonP c = 1
RP e^2 = h
RP IP^2 = PP (IP – Current Plank; PP – Power Plank)
RP G IP^2 = c^5 (G – Gravity (Plank) constant)
and others…

is important now to note that:

Resistance Plank constant (RP) = Quantum Hall Resistance = von Blitzing constant (RK)

Why not also, RP the natural Zp (Impedance of vacuum)?

The actual value for Impedance of vacuum is Z0 (Characteristic impedance of vacuum) = (mu0/epsilon0)^1/2 = 376.7303133461 (ohm)is not a value that “Nature support”, is an arbitrary one… (mu0 depending)

Then, Z0 is the result of the artificial value for mu in vacuum, mu0, because if we use the natural value muP for mu in vacuum we get Z0 = (muP/epsilonP)^1/2 = RP = RK = Quantum Hall Resistance.

Thanks in advance, by your comments

Viana Abreu

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