Friday, December 05, 2003

GUTz - Essay 000' - BASIC CONCEPTS (II) - Impact of rationalization and arbitrary vacuum values for mu and epsilon 

In GUTz theory, all Dimensions (time, space, energy, mass, charge, current,...) are different views of one Basic Unified Reality.

The Natural Laws, like v=d/t, F=ma, and all others, are the way different Dimension are linked in Nature conscience at all levels (human level included).

So, Particles, Forces,.. are all, different views of the same thing - the Basic Unified Reality.

The vacuum is a very special "scale" because in the vacuum we find the limits for all the Dimensions.

That limits are independents of System Units adopted.

We all know that "Nature don't work with rationalized Systems of units", where we (to simplify some formulas) affect some Natural Laws with factors like 1/(4PI) or 1/(2PI).
About that is very important to have the trace of what we are doing.

Also is important to note that all arbitrary values we create, like the value mu0 (for mu dimension value of vacuum), that return to us with additional complexity in our representations of Natural Laws and/or Geometric/Scale distortions effects.

One simple example about the impact of stipulation a value without "Nature support"...

The Fine Structure Constant as a usually value 1/137,... and every body want to know where that "popular" number come from.

GUTz say that the number 1/137,.. as that value because the humans decided to stipulate arbitrary the value in vacuum for mu (Permeability Dimension), mu0 equal 4PI * 10^-7 (H/m).

And GUTz say that because, if we compute a natural mu (muP = h/(e^2 c) (H/m) we get muP = 8,610 225 807 * 10^-5 (H/m) and if we use this new value for compute ALFA (ALFA' = (muP e^2 c) / (2 h) we get ALFA' = 0,5.

So the strange number 1/137,... is the result of the artificial value for mu in vacuum, mu0

The Ampere (unit) and Coulomb (unit) definition are also affected by that stipulation.

Note that anybody seems to ask, about the why of the actual value for mu in vacuum - mu0, and not any other value.

The new question is, if is not the usually value mu0, what the new value for mu Dimension in vacuum?

To this last question we all have a natural answer, the muP = h/(e^2 c) (H/m) (only depending of true universal constants e, h and c).

We can also remember that Gravitic constant (G) can be computed from G = (c^3 dP^2)/h ((J m)/(kg^2)
where dP is Plank length

We can compute also the Natural value for epsilon (epsilonP = e^2/(h c) (F/m) or epsilonP = 1/(muP c^2) (F/m))

But, with different value in vacuum for mu Dimension we have a dramatic change in actual physic theories.

"We all know, that the actual physic theories have some big problems, and
some times... , the problems begin in foundations."

I like to have comments about this before I distribute the Essay n. 003 - Force unification

best regards and thanks for your comments,
Viana Abreu

"Understanding the physics world and conscience world is my hobby"

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