Thursday, November 27, 2003

GUTz – Essay 000’ – BASIC CONCEPTS (I) – Dimensions, Units and “Plank scale”. 

In all this work I adopt the International System of Units (SI). If, for some reason I use another System of Units than SI, it will be explicit refereed and justified.

Before the presentation of Essay n. 003 – The Force Unification, it is important to present and revue some important concepts and numbers, (that I use in GUTz), and have feedback from the scientific community and others Gutz watchers.

1- We must always have in mind that one goal of rationalized Systems of Units like SI, MKSC or MKSA (Giorgi System) versus no rationalized Systems (like those linked to CGS (Electrostatic and Electromagnetic System) and Gauss System) is to simplify many formulas used in electricity and particularly the Maxwell equations (this represent that we put the factor 4 PI in some basic expressions (like Coulomb Law F = (1/(4 PI Epsilon0)) . (Q1 Q2)/(r^2) or Biot and Savart Law dB = ((muo)/(4 PI)) . (idl sen(teta)/(r^2)).

2- With the expression “Dimension” (ex. Dimension Time or Dimension Length) I’m referring to the fact that we can measure, define and/or only feel or watch the effect of some perspective of our world. All Dimensions are variables, I mean that Dimensions can have different values and we can use for them different units (depending of the System of units we are using). I’m assuming that all Dimensions are different views of one basic reality. The different views are created by human nature (because we only create what we rationality believe…).

I also use the concept that all Dimensions are quantized; they only can have values that are multiple of a minimum universal value.

Dimensions appear sometimes in Natural Laws with the reciprocal value, like for example 1/tp or 1/c^2). So is natural to assume that if they have a Minimum value, they also have a Maximum value. This creates an important symmetry (Inversion) around the Unit.

I assume that another very important symmetry exist in our world around the Zero Point, that means a total and permanent balance of all manifestations in the Universe.

That, directly cause that Dimensions have also symmetric values from those that we talked before (negative values).

3- Plank scale represents a very important “point” because represent the “place – the Vacuum” where we can pick limit values (maximum or minimum) for all Dimensions we know.
Some of that values the Nature reveal to us (like, Plank constant (hp), Speed of light (c), Elementary Charge (Cep), Gravity constant (Gp), …).
To that Dimensions limit values we call real Fundamental and Universal Constants.

4- The Laws of Nature is the relation between these Dimensions that are all related. When the value of one Dimension is changed all others are changed too.

5- When we have, m, d, d^2, m^2, d^3, … we are taking about different Dimensions

6- I’m going now to list some of that limit values associated to they Dimension and one path to computing them. (I’ m going to use the actual values for them).

a) Plank Constant-- hp = Power (10, -34) * 6,626 068 76 (J s) - Energy quantum Dimension (h)

b) Speed of light -- vp or c = Power (10, 8) * 2,997 924 58 (m/s) – Velocity Dimension (v)

c) Elementary electric charge – Cep = Power (10, -19) * 1,602 176 462 (A s) – Charge Dimension (Ce)

d) Gravitic constant – Gp = Power (10, -11) * 6,673 ((J m)/(Kg^2)) – Gravity Dimension (G)

e) Plank Length – dp = ((Gp hp)/(c^3))^(-1/2) = Power (10, -35) * 4,050 955 544 (m) – length Dimension (d)

f) Plank Force – Fp = (c^4)/Gp = Power (10, 44) * 1,210 491 340 (N) – Force Dimension (F)

g) Plank Energy – Ep = Fp/dp = Power (10, 9) * 4,903 646 606 (J) – Energy Dimension (E)

h) Plank Mass – Mp = Ep/(c^2) = ((hp c)/Gp)^(1/2) = Power (10, -8) * 5,456 042 671 (Kg) – Mass Dimension (M)

i) Plank Time– tp = hp/Ep = Power (10, -43) * 1,351 253 321 (s) – Time Dimension (t)

j) Plank Current – ip = Ce/tp = Power (10, 24) * 1,185 696 595 (A) – Current Dimension (i)

k) Plank Electric constant – epsilonp = ( Ce^2)/(hp c) = Power (10, -13) * 1,292 242 697 ((s^2 A^2)/(m^2 N)) – Electric constant (Permittivity of vacuum) Dimension (epsilon)

l) Plank Magnetic constant – mup = hp/(Ce^2 c) = Power (10, -5) * 8,610 225 807 (N/(A^2)) – Electric constant (Permeability of vacuum) Dimension (mu)

m) von Klitzing constant (Plank Resistance) – Rp = MCp c = Power (10, -5) * 2,581 280 759 ((N m)/(s A^2))– Electrical Resistance Dimension (R)

n) Plank Density - Dp = mp/d^3 = Power (10, 95) * 8,208 471 4 (Kg/m^3) - Density Dimension (D)

o) and many more... Plank Temperature (Tp), Plank Power (Pp), Plank Electric Potencial (Vp), Plank Capacity (Cap), …

6- For all those constants we must associate the reciprocal and the symmetrical values.

I like to have comments about this before I distribute the Essay n. 003 – Force unification

Thanks in advance
Viana Abreu

"Understanding the physics world and conscience world is my hobby"

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

GUTz About Essay 004 III - new Magnetic Constant (MC) and new Electrical Constant (EC). 

Resuming essay n. 004 (after all the comments I received):

"We all know, that the actual theories have some big problems, and some times the problems begging in foundations."

"If we have open mind, and some courage to be different, perhaps we find something different."

1-We are remembering a natural value for Magnetic constant (MCp) and Electrical constant (ECp), using relationship between (elementary electrical charge, speed of light and Plank constant).

2-We can arrive to MCp and ECp independently.

3-The natural value for Magnetic constant (MCp) is the new value for Permeability of vacuum (mup) and the natural Electric Constant (ECp) is the new value for Permittivity of vacuum (epsilonp).

4-Now, we could use this values, instead of the old arbitraries values MC = 4 PI 10^-7 H/m and EC = 1/(MC c^2) F/m.

5-MCp is a real fundamental universal constant for the Permeability Dimension and ECp is a real fundamental and universal constant for the Permittivity Dimension.

6-This fundamental values, of Permeability (MCp) and Permittivity (ECp) are now at the same level that fundamental values for Velocity (c), Quantum energy (h), Electrical charge (e) and others we already found. All are constants that can be expressed in different Systems of Units, because they are natural values from our world.

7-With this new updated constants, we get a value for Fine Structure Constant (ALFA) equal 0,5 that is quite different from the actual value (1/137,…)

8-Clearly the strange number ( 1/137,…) is the result of the use of an arbitrary value for Permeability of vacuum in all actual physics theories.

9-In expressions where MC and EC appear, some distortion we get. Only when they appear like (MC . EC) we do not have distortion, because the result is a fixed constant (c^-2).

10-The theories are dealing today, with some anomalies, distortions of scale, additional complexity and limitations, because in the theories (that enrols MC and EC) design, the use of arbitrarily constants, for some fundamental values of some Dimension, like Permeability or Permittivity, was assumed.

11-This represent the need we have to update some theories, because if we do that, we will better understand the world we live.

12-If we do not do this, we never will found the real nature of Our Universe. Is a very important step.

"I see from outside, and I’m not involved with the scientific system."

"I'm looking answers with a different vision, and exploring questions with other perspectives, because I believe we have always simple answers to our complex questions."

I will like some comments about all this.

Thanks in advance
Viana Abreu

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

GUTz About II Essay 004 - new Magnetic Constant (MC) and new Electrical Constant (EC). 

When we chose epsilon0 (EC) like a fundamental constant we are accepting that epsilon0 is at the same nature of c, e, h or G.

But we know that the value of epsilon0 was computed from one value (the value of mu0 (MC) is mu0 = 4 PI 10^-7) stipulated arbitrarily. Epsilon0 was computed using the natural Law (epsilon0. mu0 . c^2 = 1) (but using mu0 that was defined arbitrarily). So epsilon0 is not a natural number from the same kind of G, e, c, h that nature "give to us" (they are not arbitrarily), they are fundamental numbers of some Dimensions.

These fact (the use of arbitrarily number for some Dimensions) create some distortions in our theories and strange constants like ALFA that is the direct result of the use of anti-natural fundamental numbers for epsilon0 and miu0.

What I have done was to remember a Natural Law (through dimensional analysis), (that for the same "point - the Vacuum", where we have the limit values (max. or min.) of some Dimensional (like velocity, electrical charge,...), c, e, h, G,...), that give to us the natural value for the Dimension miu and the Dimension epsilon for the same point - the Vacuum.

For other size, the discussion about the number 1/137,.. seems to me without reason, because if we defined another arbitrarily to mu0, we do not have 1/137,.. we have some other strange number...

I will like some comments about all this.

Thanks in advance
Viana Abreu

Monday, November 24, 2003

GUTz About Essay 004 - new Magnetic Constant (MC) and new Electrical Constant (EC). 

The most important fact in this essay n. 004 is that we can have from nature, constants for vacuum electric constant (EC) and vacuum Magnetic constant (MC) that "are not stipulated by man".

Man stipulates the actual values of MC and EC, are values fixed arbitrarily.

The value of ALFA (1/137,...) is the result of this stipulated value of MC and EC.

If the stipulation was different, we no more get the number ALFA in all the theories, we create in this case, a different ALFA, no more 1/137,...

Because that we can't see ALFA like a mysteries, but a result in this case, of "man rationality".

The question is, how we can create theories over artificial constants like the actual MC and EC?

I think, that it will be natural, that some anomalies, difficulties and additional complexity in theories will be found... like strange numbers like the old ALFA...

Since the moment that we can get a natural value (from a mix of others fundamental and natural universal constants) we have fundamental values (Max. or Min. values) for quantum Dimension (we have this to Velocity, Electric Charge, Quantum of Energy and some more others...).

Is a relevant fact, that from this new natural values for MC (mu0) and EC(epsilon0) (MCp and ECp) we can have a value for ALFA that is 0,5 (exact).

We also have using the new ALFA (ALFA'), something like this:

- Bohr radius of the hydrogen (Brh) = 2 X Compton wavelength of the electron (Cwe) and Cwe = 2 X Classic electron radius !!!

If we see all fundamental and natural universal constants like fundamental values of some different quantum Dimensions we must assume that Gp (Gravitic constant) is a Min. and fundamental value for a quantumDimension "the Gravitic Dimension...", Like we have elementary Charge for Charge Dimension, Like we have Plank constant for Energy Quantum Dimension, Like we have Light Speed in vacuum (c) for Velocity Dimension... and this vision resolve he problem off Time/Space distortion because G is now no more only a fixed value but a Min. value off Gravitic Dimension (we must remember that Gp = (hp c)/(mp.mp) where hp is Planck constant c is vp (light speed in vacuum) and mp is Planck mass) and all this values (of Planck) are computed in the same special "point"...

All this Dimension are linked by Natural Laws that we already know, and when one Dimension change the value, then all others change too...

In the next Essay, n. 003, we will see the unification of all forces... all are the same force that is another Dimension, like we know ...that have a max. Value Fp ( Planck force = c^4/Gp).

I will like some comments about all this.

Thanks in advance
Viana Abreu

...Understanding the physics world and conscience world is my hobby...

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