Friday, November 21, 2003

GUTz first public personal announcement – Essay 004’ - new Magnetic Constant (MC) and new Electrical Constant (EC). 

If we compute the natural values for MC and EC from real universal constants (Plank constant (h), Elementary charge (e) and Light speed (c) we get Plank MC (MCp) and Plank EC (ECp).

If we use this new values MCp and ECp instead the old one MC (Power (10, -7) * 4 pi) conventioneer by man) and EC (that are conventioneer indirectly from MC and c), in all physics laws, where they appear, we have a dramatic change in modern physics theories (only the actual knowledge of space/time is not directly affected).

So we have (using the International System of Unities and the international recommended values for h, e and c):

MCp = h / (e.e c) = Power (10, -5) * 8,610 225 807 H/m
ECp = (e.e) / (h c) = Power (10, -13) * 1,292 242 697 F/m

Now we have the value of two new real universal constants MCp and ECp…

We can, for example, begin with the explanation about the real nature of Fine structure constant (ALFA) (“the famous and mysterious 1/137,…”):

We have that MC/(2 MCp) = ECp/(2 EC) = ALFA = 1/(137,035 999 834) !!!

…and computing the new ALFA (ALFA0) we have:

ALFA0 = (MCp e.e c) / (2 h) = (e.e) / (2 ECp h c) = 0,500 000 000 !!!

“Perhaps now we can have a more rational knowledge of how the real world works...”

This is very clear and simple to me.
Is here something that we must add?

I like to have comments about this before I announce some more Essays.

Thanks in advance
Viana Abreu

“Understanding the physics world and conscience world is my hobby”

Thursday, November 20, 2003

GUTz- next Essays to be distribute 

Essay nr 000 - "Basic Concepts" and Essay nº 003 - "The Force Unification"

GUTz- Essay nr 004 

It was dristributed Essay nr 004 - "The Real value for the Fine Structure Constant" to a list of first watchers of this new theory - GUTz

Foi distribuido o Ensaio nº 004 - "O valor Real da Constante de Estrutura Fina" a uma lista de primeiros observadores desta nova teoria - GUTz

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

GUTz- Contacts 

email: ceo@neworldream.com
or gutz_va@hotmail.com

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